5 Easy Ways to Save Money on Weed

How to Save Money on Weed

Most people live on a budget. It’s a good idea to understand how much money you make and spend. So it only makes sense that you should make sure you do what you can to save money on weed if you are on a tight budget.

We put together 5 easy ways to help save money on weed:

  • Set a budget
  • Split bigger buys with friends
  • Conserve your weed
  • Grow your own
  • Be a smarter buyer

After all, smoking weed might just help you keep cool when your going crazy saving money and things are tight.

Set a Budget

Figure out what you have available for a little fun spending each month and stick to it. If you can only spare $100 a month than that should be your limit. Break out your smoke budget from that monthly figure.

$100 / 4 weeks is $25 a week. Depending on where and who you buy weed from, can you stick to smoking two or three grams a week?  Maybe, maybe not. So start with setting a budget and then figure out what else you might be able to do in this list.

Split Bigger Buys With Friends

Just like most other things, you get a better price on weed when you buy larger quantities. With a monthly budget set, you’ll find you can stretch that budget further if you pool some cash together with friends for a buy.

Go in an ounce, or quarter pound with a few friends to get better bulk pricing instead of buying grams, eights or quarters.

Of course you’ll need to be able to store it easily, so if you’re really going big you may want to look at vacuum sealing or mason jars to help keep your weed fresh. This is also a good way to setup a budget for using weed by separating and storing weed into logical amounts you can use over time.

Conserve Your Weed, Smoke Smarter

This is the low hanging fruit on the list. There are a ton of ways you can save weed by making some sample adjustments. We put together a guide on the easiest ways to save weed.

In summary, a few easy ways to conserve weed:

  • Use a grinder
  • Choose a vaporizer over blunts and joints
  • Save roaches and kief for when your stash is low
  • Don’t over-smoke, you can only get so high

By changing how you smoke you might just be able to start buying a little bit less which will keep a few extra dollars in your pocket. This is one of the quickest ways to save money on weed.

Grow Your Own

Not everyone has the freedom to do this but if you do it can save you the most over time. There will be an investment in equipment to grow weed at first but after that you will have your own cash crop.

You will trade your time instead of cash for your crop. But you might just have more time than you do money so growing could be a great option. This will also allow you to have greater control over your quality of weed. Maybe even make you a few bucks if you’ve got some friends or family who might take some of your extra when you have a few plants of your own.

Be a Smarter Buyer

It’s also good to shop around with help from your friends. You may find that they can get the weed in bulk at a much better price than you. This step can really have a dramatic impact when trying to save money on weed. Even if you just find a better way to get weed at a higher quality. You’ll find you need to smoke way less and less often if the weed is higher potency.