7 Best Ways to Save Weed

It’s really easy to waste weed. So we put together some of the easiest ways to save weed. Introduce some of these steps into your life and you’ll find that you can save anywhere from 2g to 8g+ per ounce. These changes will make a huge difference in how often and how much weed you buy.

Always Use a Weed Grinder

Grinding your weed is the easiest way to make your nuggets last longer. By using a grinder you can make sure you break up your weed without any product lost. Most grinders will have a kief collection area so you end up storing even the finest remains when you grind up bud. So often weed is lost or left behind on your fingers or whatever you break weed up on (book, plate, napkins etc.).

Having evenly ground weed also makes using it more efficient. Whether it’s going to be rolled and smoked or put into a bong or pipe the weed is going to burn better after being in a grinder. This will make your bowl packs burn smoother and longer while saving weed.

Skip Blunts and Joints, Use a Vaporizer

Vaporize instead. Rolling blunts and joints are among the most common ways to smoke weed. They come with the added expense of cigars or rolling paper. This really adds up if you are spending a few extra dollars on blunts every day.

Vaping to Save Weed

It’s also very easy to loose weed when you roll a blunt or joint. Not everyone rolls perfectly, so you end up with some lost during the build and  often from the mouthpiece as it’s smoked.  It’s minimal at the time, but in the long run this really adds up.

Make sure to choose a vaporizer that you can use to smoke dry weed. Some will only be for wax / shatter or oils.

Smoke Less, Don’t Run Out

This is not a statement to advocate against the use of weed. It’s just a simple fact that you can only get so high.

Do you need to roll a whole joint or can you get away with a couple hits from a bowl? This is an easy to way to save weed and still smoke at your normal frequency.

For frequent smokers, a really good way to save weed is to prevent yourself from running out. Keep a gram or two tucked away when you buy a fresh bag of weed. This way when you run out, and then buy again, you don’t find yourself rolling an eighth into a blunt to celebrate.

Grow Your Own

Growing is always an obvious answer. You cut the need to purchase weed from anyone else, but will have to put in the time.

There are endless resources out there about growing weed. We’ve put together a top list of resources for growing weed to help people find their way.

Save Your Roaches

The other wasteful part about smoking blunts and joints is the roach, or last 1/4 of the joint or blunt end up getting wasted. Sometimes it’s left in the ashtray of a friends car, or outside at the party your at. Traveling with roaches is tough, they tend to smell a little stronger and leave ash everywhere.

Simply save the roaches in an ashtray or find a way to store it when you travel with weed so you avoid wasting it. Break a few up and throw them in a bong at the end of the week or when your stash is running low.

If you don’t normally smoke roaches, you’ll also get really high when you put them together and take a few bong hits.

Don’t Always Bring Your Weed

Let’s face it – often your heading out to a party and know you need to bring some weed if you want to smoke. Nobody else ever shows up to the game.

This is probably one of the harder steps to take when saving money on weed. Once you are out at your destination, it’s really likely that someone else is going to want to smoke with you. It’s common courtesy to let a fellow smoker in, but that is your money their burning.

Try to leave your weed at home when you are headed out to a party. It will suck at first because nobody else is going to bring it for you, but maybe over time people will start brining their own and you can hit them up instead. If not, maybe it’s time to find some new friends.

Build a Gravity Bong

All you need is a glass slide and a 2 liter bottle. Fill the bottle with water half way up and you can fill the bottle up with smoke while lighting the slide and pulling it out of the bottle. Cap it quick and pull the smoke out of the bottle for a great bong hit.

Glass Gravity Bong Slide

These can easily be home made by rigging the cap to the 2 liter bottle with a hole and some tinfoil, but it’s far better to get a good glass slide so you don’t waste your time or cut yourself. That’s an easy way to ruin your day. This is an awesome glass side for only $20 and comes with a pack of screens.