Cali Crusher Weed Grinders: Ultimate Buyers Guide

Cali Crusher makes some of the best weed grinders on the market. Their weed grinders are quality products but there are many different products in their lineup to choose from. Price varies quite a bit between products so we put together the best buyers guide on the Cali Crusher weed grinder product lineup.

2 Piece Weed Grinders

Cali Crusher offers a very well made selection of 2 piece grinders. These 2 piece grinders offered by Cali Crusher are known for being a little bit on the small side, often around 2″ or so. This is a great option for someone who travels often with a grinder. You of course sacrifice the typical benefits of a 4 piece grinder like better grind and kief collection.

The 2 piece grinders are typically offered at $30 or less.

4 Piece Weed Grinders

Cali Crusher is known for high quality multi chamber weed grinders. They have a good selection of products based on size, manufacturing location and tooth patterns. The 4 piece grinders do come at slightly higher prices but for long term use a 4 piece grinder is the way to go. We highly recommend the standard 4 piece Cali Crusher Herb Grinder.

The 4 piece grinders can range anywhere from $20-90 and depend more so on the product line and design.

Product Categories


Homegrown is the premium lineup for the Cali Crusher weed grinders. Homegrown weed grinders are made in the USA. None of their other products are guaranteed to be. Homegrown weed grinders are offered in:

The premium Homegrown grinders feature a highly reviewed patent called Quick Lock that prevents any trouble with threads on the compartments and makes it very easy to use and assemble. The Homegrown lineup is basically a selection of Hardtop grinders made in America. 

If products made in the USA are important that the Homegrown lineup is your best option, but also the most expensive.


The hardtop lineup is the wider offering by Cali Crusher. One of the bigger differences between the Hardtop and Homegrown lineups are manufacturing location. Not all Hardtop grinders by Cali Crusher are part of the Homegrown lineup.

Hardtop’s are offered as a 2 piece and 4 piece weed grinder. The Hardtop type of weed grinder are best for those traveling and looking for a discreet low profile grinder.


The Cali Crusher Cleartop product lineup includes 2 and 4 piece weed grinders. A flashier design offers a see through top to watch the grinding process. Cleartops are less expensive and mainly come in 2 piece options with a few 4 piece available.

OG (Original Grinders)

The OG series offers all of the longest standing 2 and 4 piece grinders made by Cali Crusher. These are some of the original offerings from the company who has been making weed grinders over the last decade.