Moldy Weed: Finding and Preventing Weed from Growing Mold

Finding Mold on Weed

Moldy weed isn’t something to mess around with. Identifying mold on weed is similar to what you would expect when looking for mold symptoms anywhere else. The easiest ways to tell if your weed is moldy is by inspecting the color and smell.


With mold you’ll likely see white, brown, black or yellow fuzzy spots and patches on your bud. Keep an eye out for anything that looks very different from the rest of the nugget. Powdery mildew can form on the leaves and bud.

Don’t confuse mold with trichomes. The trichomes are what you typically see on good strains of weed. It resembles a fine hair or sugar droplets and should have a crystal like appeal. The trichomes can be dense on really good weed but just look out for anything that appears to be more like fuzz than crystal.

Weed with no mold
An example of weed with no signs of mold.


Detecting and finding mold by smell may be a little bit more difficult. Weed may smell very different depending on strain and how it was grown. Generally speaking moldy weed may smell damp. Damp or fresh cut smells would may mean the weed wasn’t dried or stored properly.

Go with your gut here. Some weed can smell musty or even like cat piss. Often a bi-product of being grown in poor conditions. That may not mean it is moldy but just an odd strain and worth asking who you got it from about it.

Smoking Moldy Weed

You should not smoke weed if it has mold. You can’t just cut it off or cook with it instead as the risk may still be present even if you can’t see it.

What happens if you smoke moldy weed? Side effects from smoking moldy weed can be:

  • Severe chest pain after smoking
  • Dizziness and feeling lethargic
  • Nose bleeds, increased allergies
  • Mold spores spread into lungs

Under no circumstances should you smoke moldy weed.

Prevent Marijuna Mold

Storing marijuana in the right conditions will help prevent mold. Weed should be properly dried out and kept out of damp conditions before storing.

If storing bulk one of the best options is to vacuum seal your weed. This will allow for longer storage with peace of mind your bud is safe. Using a vacuum sealer will help keep the smell down too. FoodSaver Automatic Vacuum Sealing System is an awesome option because it comes with a smaller handheld sealer for smaller bags. Perfect for saving more weed when you are on a budget.

For shorter term storage and lesser quantities, mason jars are a great option for storage. By keeping weed in a nice air tight container you prevent moisture from sitting and rotting out your buds where mold will grow. Those in damp or humid climates are more likely to battle with this issue as when drying the buds are at even more risk of fostering mold growth.

One of the best options is the Herb Preserve Half Oz  storage jar. It will hold your weed and keep it fresh while keeping the smell down too.

For a dispensary you want to make sure to stock your shelves with quality jars that will last. Keep smaller quantities out on display in clear display glass and store your ready to sell bulk in some air tight jars.


It’s worth while to keep your weed in good conditions and prevent mold. It will keep the product better and be more enjoyable.

Bud Rot

Bud rot is when grey mold appears on marijuana plants being grown in poor conditions. Check out our resources for growing weed to help prevent bud rot on cannabis plants.

Common causes of bud rot and mold on cannabis plants may be:

  • Poor temperature and humidity management
  • Lack of ventilation and air flow
  • Dirty or poorly maintained growing equipment

Symptoms will be easy to spot. Expect to see darker colored leaves and visible mold spots or patches.