Ultimate Guide for Choosing a Weed Grinder

To find the best weed grinder it is important to understand the general needs of the person using marijuana. Recreational users should factor in how the weed is typically enjoyed. Including types of weed available and preference for smoking like vaporizing vs. joints vs. bong or pipe.

People using medical marijuana for pain management should care most about the ease of use and then of course quality.

Tooth Counts, Quality  & Tooth Patterns on Weed Grinders

The teeth are obvious critical components of any grinder. The key to a great weed grinder is going to be sharp teeth that do not have a tendency to dull quickly or over time. There may be versions where you can replace teeth, so if you typically find your grinders dull quickly an option with replaceable teeth may be right for you.

A typical grinder 2-3″ in size will have anywhere between 45-70 teeth. Tooth count isn’t everything. The tooth pattern often determines effectiveness of a grinder. This is important as if the weed you enjoy tends to be more dense, you’ll need a strong tooth and efficient pattern to help cut into the nuggets.

Santa Cruz Shredder Weed Grinder

Tooth patterns are something to evaluate as you select a new weed grinder. Properly engineered patterns will prevent any clogging and troubles with the grinding area not clearing easily near holes where the weed clears after grinding.

Weed Grinder Compartments & Chambers

Weed grinders often come in multi compartment varieties. These compartments are also often refereed to as chambers. Grinders may anywhere from 1-3 compartments.

  • Single compartment grinders hold the weed in a single place after being ground up. With less components single compartment weed grinders are often smaller and more portable.
  • Dual compartment weed grinders introduce an additional chamber to help with an additional hole pattern to prevent larger pieces of weed from falling through the filter holes. This additional component helps with a more even grind.
  • Triple compartment weed grinders separate the kief from the ground up weed with the use of a fine screen. This is the ideal scenario and yields the best result when using weed grinders.

3 Compartment Weed Grinder

Screens & Hole Patterns

With 2 or 3 chamber weed grinders the buyer should consider the additional features involved with the kief collection and hole patterns. Some good things to look out for include:

  • Logical differentiation between hole patterns for filtering weed through the second component.
  • Screen quality and placement to prevent rips, pulls and tears.

Many grinders with screens also come with a tool or accessory to help clear the screen and maintain the weed grinder. Similarly it will also be helpful if you find clogs within any of the compartments, filter holes or tooth patterns.

Material, Design & Manufacturing

Quality and ease of use are important factors when it comes to the quality of a weed grinder. The overall type of material used when manufacturing may include:

  • Plastic or Acrylic Materials
  • Wood
  • Metal, Aluminum

The best weed grinders are manufactured from metal or aluminum. These have proven to bring the best in durability and ease of use. Ergonomics should be considered too. This means to grind and use the device physically should be very easy, smooth and near effortless. Materials that create less force for grinding should be avoided.

Accessibility & Ease of Use

Take the overall design and manufacturing quality into account. A weed grinder should be easily stored, cleaned and used. Mass produced, low-cost grinders often have rough edges, poor balance and poor ergonomics.

This would be a major factor for anyone dealing with a pain and using their weed grinder to cope with pain using medical marijuana. The reality is there is a large population of disabled folks using weed grinders and the market should react to make sure this population is cared for.

How Marijuana is Used

Is this being smoked in a bong, bowl or pipe? Will the weed be twisted up in a joint or rolled in a blunt? Typical smoking preferences should influence the type of grinder for weed selected.

Weed Grinder for Vaping

Generally speaking when using vaporizers it is important to get a consistent well ground weed. When vaporizing selecting a 3 chamber weed grinder will help for optimal results. Challenges come with vaporizing weed when a good grinder is not used.

Cost & Availability

It’s easy to get your hands on a grinder. In more progressive cities you can simply go to your local smoke shop and get your hands on a wide variety of weed grinders.

Cost will vary widely anywhere between $5 to $125 for different quality grinders. Type of material used for the overall design and teeth, number of compartments and of course brand will determine the cost of the weed grinder.

Of course for those who like to do their due diligence and comparison shop there are a number of options including but not limited to:

  • Amazon
  • Etsy
  • eBay

We recommend the use of a well known online store with great shipping and return policies.